In year 2020, COVID-19 forced millions of women to struggle for basic needs like food and shelter. With survival at stake, menstrual hygiene obviously took a backseat for these women. everteen, one of the leading brands in feminine hygiene products, came forward to distribute 1 million sanitary pads to such women in need, absolutely free of cost. Most of those women didn’t have smartphones or access to the digital world.
We realised that Maids, migrant workers, daily wagers, poor women, orphaned girls and other women in need usually reside in small, dingy localities, with barely a roof to cover their head, and little to claim as privacy. We decided to offer them a right to dignity, pride and health by providing them sanitary pads. We observed that private initiatives are predominantly focused on providing food, shelter, medicines and monetary aid, but female hygiene & health is another critical topic that was in need to be addressed at a much larger scale. Which is why we decided to distribute one million sanitary pads to such needy women.

  • Under the #SheNeedsPad campaign, we primarily distributed Neem & Safflower Sanitary Pad with ultra-comfortable cottony-soft top layer for advanced leak-proof protection, that have been manufactured using touch less processes at GMP certified, fully automated units.
  • Sanitary pads were solely distributed on the basis of references provided by supporters.
  • The campaign aimed to make sanitary pads available free of cost to women who were genuinely in need and were not in the position to access them due to restrictions of Covid-19 Lockdown. Refer judiciously.
  • We also attempted delivery, based on pin codes serviced by our shipping partners.

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