The COVID-19 crisis has adversely affected women’s engagement in the economic activities. It has devastated lives. People have lost their jobs, loved ones and some has even lost the sole bread earner from their family. It has made life difficult for Indian Household women in such families. Keeping this in mind, the brand everteen has initiated #PADHERLIFE to support women restart their career & lives.The larger purpose behind this initiative is to provide a great earning & learning opportunity to “Indian Household Women” affected by pandemic.
The support is provided through everteen Neem & Safflower Sanitary Pads. The product is chosen keeping in mind the fact that the opportunity should provide her recuring income. Sanitary Pads are a need of every woman & it can help in monthly income for her.


Under #PADHERLIFE Initiative, the brand everteen is going to provide financial aid upto Rs. 50,000/- through its Neem & Safflower Sanitary Pads. We are supporting women who are willing to use their knowledge & skills for starting their own business.


Teach her to fish and feed her for a lifetime. Instead of giving her fish for a day, we will be providing regular training & support required to help women accomplish her dream of starting her own business and make livelihood for her family

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