Get Involved

Get Involved

Participants will be honored with a Period Care Educator Certificate, endorsed by medical institutions and supported by active NGOs. This recognizes their commitment to awareness of our female health and menstrual issues. You can become one of a person who may help us reach out to those villages in need by promoting this cause, generating awareness, and educating the people about the cause in your own unique way to spread the reach of the Period Care Adoption Program. By actively participating in the Period Care Adoption Program campaign, our esteemed partners, have the opportunity to contribute to a mighty and noble cause Align with us, enhance your organization’s credibility, and enjoy extensive media exposure across popular digital platforms, ensuring your message reaches a diverse audience Partner with us and be involved in your unique way:

Become a Protagonist

Influencers and YouTubers: Join us in the Period Care Adoption Program and use your influence to create impactful content. Your support will not only contribute to a noble cause but also elevate your online presence, reaching a diverse audience and making a difference in menstrual hygiene.

Content Creators and Magazines: Be a part of the movement by crafting articles or featuring the Period Care Adoption Program in your magazine. Your contribution will not only spread awareness but also enhance your organization’s credibility as you play a vital role in educating and informing the public through print or digital platforms.

Corporates and Brands: Partner with us to amplify the noble cause of menstrual hygiene. By spreading the message through your corporate channels, you not only align your brand with a meaningful initiative but also gain extensive media exposure, showcasing your commitment to social responsibility.

Schools and Educational Institutions: Engage with the Period Care Adoption Program by organizing educational webinars and empowering students with knowledge about menstrual hygiene. Your involvement will contribute
to creating a positive change in practices, fostering awareness and understanding among the younger generation.

Social Media Users and Customers: Support the cause on social media and be a catalyst for change. By sharing and endorsing the Period Care Adoption Program, you become a valuable part of the movement, leveraging your online presence to spread awareness and encourage positive conversations around menstrual hygiene.

Movie Halls and Entertainment Venues: Play a significant role in the Period Care Adoption Program by featuring ads or videos in movie halls. Your venue becomes a platform to reach a large audience, contributing to the campaign’s success and creating a positive impact on menstrual hygiene practices.

Other Organizations and Promoters: Whether you’re an organization or an individual willing to promote the concept, your involvement is crucial Partner with us to collectively create a wave of positive change, fostering a supportive environment for menstrual hygiene and empowerment of women nationwide.

Together, let’s create a wave of positive change in menstrual hygiene practices and empower women across the nation.

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