Bloody Hypocrisy

Bloody Hypocrisy

India’s constitution champions equal opportunities for women, yet a lingering taboo persists—menstruation. everteen’s #BloodyHypocrisy campaign aims to shatter this stigma, sparking conversations about periods as normal bodily functions. Despite goddess worship during Navratri and Vedic reverence, comfort during menstruation remains overlooked. The campaign challenges incomplete empowerment, urging society to redefine women’s rights. While education matters, true empowerment extends to freely discussing essential topics at home. Everteen advocates for comprehensive empowerment, questioning the literal meaning of women’s empowerment and addressing long-neglected aspects.
To foster change, #BloodyHypocrisy encourages open discussions about periods in households. Supporters can tie a red scarf, share pictures with the hashtag, use the Snapchat filter, or post videos challenging the silence around periods. The top ten contributors stand a chance to win a gift hamper worth Rs.5000, fostering menstrual awareness as a vital component of complete women’s empowerment. Join everteen in dismantling the silence around periods, pushing for real empowerment that begins with open conversations at home.
#BloodyHypocrisy is a call to action, challenging societal norms and amplifying the voice of menstrual awareness for complete women’s empowerment.

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