Period Care Adoption Program

Period Care Adoption Program

We live in a country where women are winning the T20 World Cup, gold medals at the World Athletics Championships, being great leaders, and so on but we also live in a country where women are deprived of basic necessities like sanitary pads, where periods are a massive taboo in society. Our country is marked by progress, but there are aspects of life that still demand our attention and action. One such pressing concern is menstrual hygiene, an essential need often overlooked in underserved communities. everteen, driven by a commitment to social responsibility, introduces the Period Care Adoption Program (PCAP) – a dynamic initiative aimed at catalyzing positive change in women facing challenges in accessing menstrual care.
The sole objective of the PCAP to ensure sanitary pads are available to every woman, those in areas where access to such essential products is limited. The campaign also emphasizes raising awareness about menstrual hygiene and educating individuals across communities. In this program, everteen commits to adopting numerous villages, ensuring the availability of sanitary pads for women facing challenges in accessing menstrual care.
To become an integral part of this impactful campaign, you can actively contribute by nominating villages that could benefit from PCAP. Your involvement will play a crucial role in extending support to countless women who often struggle with limited access to essential menstrual products.

By participating and suggesting villages, you not only contribute to the cause but also receive a Participation Certificate, recognizing your valuable involvement in creating positive change. This certificate serves as a token of appreciation for your commitment to promoting menstrual hygiene awareness and making a difference in the lives of women in need.
We can make this campaign a success only if we as Indians realize the importance of unity and nominate those villages looking for a change,
where women are looking for helping hands that could be yours. Let’s work together to make menstrual hygiene a universal right for every woman Together, we can foster positive change, break taboos, and create a more inclusive society where women can embrace their menstrual health with dignity.
Period Care Adoption Program is not just a campaign, it’s a collective commitment to comprehensive transformation. By addressing the fundamental needs of menstrual hygiene, everteen seeks to bridge societal gaps, dismantle taboos, and empower women with the knowledge and resources they rightfully deserve. Joining hands with everteen in this ground-breaking initiative means contributing to a more inclusive, informed, and compassionate world where menstrual hygiene is not a privilege but a universal right. Together, let’s make a difference and foster a future where every woman can embrace her menstrual health with dignity and ease.

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